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Welcome To Reflections


Just like so many others, being an Air force Brat was quite an experience. But it was a pleasant experience and one which I'm certain many civilian students envied. Dad was stationed at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, when much to my disbelief, he informed the family that we were moving to Itazuke, Japan. I was seventeen at the time and to say that his announcement came as a disappointment would be an understatement. After all, I was completely satisfied living one block from the ocean and only seven blocks to the Pavilion. What could possibly compare to attending school at Myrtle Beach in the day and hanging out with my friends on the beach in the evenings ? But at the time, unknowingly to me, I was about to embark on a journey, which for many years to come, would bring back the fondest memories of my youth....


picture of waterfallAnd So It Was ...

On March 6, 1958, my mother, my sister, myself, and somewhere in the luggage area, a tiny Pekinese named " Pepper " departed from Travis Air Force base in California. I knew that the C-47 was really going to be a first class flight as soon as I stepped into the aircraft.(~lol~) The seats resembled some "old" aluminum lawn chairs which we had left behind ! And for some reason my confidence in the aircraft diminished just a little with all the life vests nestled in a net along each side of the plane in full view ! (~lol~) But the flight went well and three air pockets later ( and an empty stomach ) we landed in Hawaii. I wanted to stay but the pilot had other plans, so an hour later, we lifted off again for Midway and then on to Tokyo. Our first night in Japan was spent in a civilian guest house just outside of Tokyo. After strolling along the streets for a short period of time, we found our way to the bunk beds which awaited us, and with great anticipation of the upcoming day, we fell asleep knowing that our next stop was....Itazuke.


templeAbout This Site
For two years Itazuke was my home. During this period of time, I met many people, both Japanese and Americans. Many of the friendships which were bonded there still exist today. Over the years, I have often thought back on that period of my life with fondness and appreciation of the friends I made...the experiences I recall... and the lessons in life learned. Most of what you will see on this site is simply people, places, and things which I remember most. So sit back and enjoy....You may even find yourself here !!