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As a young man, my home was Itazuke, Japan.  And even today, many years later, memories of those years still bring a smile to my face and have a special place in my past... I invite you to join me now   for reflections of those years..

I have some great music and neat photographs. I ask your patience in letting them load so you can appreciate the whole page.  You may need media player and a bit of patience.   You may need to reload due to the music.  Enjoy, any comments just email me by clicking on the umbrella at the bottom of the page.  



Where We Lived

Junior Class 1959

Mt. Siberiyama

 Senior Class 1959

My Photo Album

   Junior Class 1960

Itazuke Air Show

 Senior Class 1960


Prom 1960

 Music We Danced
And Listened To


Graduation Day

Our Cheerleaders

Tour More Japan

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Dearest Yoshiko

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Itazuke Alumni Association

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