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Dedicated To Cathay


The Den

In My Heart,
In My Thoughts,
You Are Always
Just A Second Away.
And When I Think Of All,
The Things Which You Do,
I Realize How Fortunate I am.

TO Have Someone Like You.
The Notes I find Around The House.
The Messages On The Phone,
All Bring A Smile To My Face,
And Make Me Feel,
Much More Important Than ,
I Really Am.

And Even Though,
I May Snore Just A Little.
It's Not Because,
I Don't Care!

I Love You Cathay,
What More Can I Say ?
You Are All That,
Is Beautiful And Good.
And So Very, Very Much More.

I Have A Wish For You And Me,
And I Hope That It Comes True,
For you see,
I Only Want To Spend My Life With You.

In My Heart,
You Will Always Be,
So Never Doubt,
My Words,
You're The Only One,
I Care To Be With,
......Till All Our Days Are Done......

I Love You Katherine

I Honestly Do

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