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Burning Desires
Burning Desires

Moonlight shines across the snow
As the stars shine down upon lovers.
Tracing the tracks that lead to and fro
From one heart to the other.

Naked souls clothed in joyful bliss
Taste the passion that fills every kiss
The tenderness in each caress
The subtle curve of femimine breast.

The kiss of a lover to start the fire
Of burning passion
Of love and desire
Whose flame flickers in the wind

Like the candle and the flame
Passion races through our hearts, unbridled and untamed.
Waking to find you in my arms
Tasting it each tender kiss.

Stroking your face with the candleglow
Fueling the flames of wanton desire
Take me to that blissful place
Where only your love aspires.


Jeffrey G. Allen

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