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Things Take Time

I have tried to explain that things take time
Wounds must heal and so with the heart and mind.
The future is blank but written every day
Just what it holds no one can say

If you know that I care and that my thoughts are there,
Would it make it easier?
You need time to heal, and time to grow, time to be healthy and time to know

With me all things take time
I am used to being crushed
But to risk what little of my heart is left
Is something that can't be rushed

To love is to accept, what can and cannot be 
To understand when things aren't quite what you want them to be
To sit, to listen to  the sound of silence, and the beating of your heart

I will not ask you to wait,
Just to watch you pine away,
But we both have fears we need to wrestle somewhere along the way

Doubt is destructive on its own unless turned in on itself,
And used as a reason that one finds for trying to improve oneself
Listen closely and you will hear the soft quiet sob in the dark,
The shedding of the tears

From nights filled with terror 
Mind full of consuming doubt
From lack of sleep due to worry
And praying it will all work out

What plans has the future for me?
Almost none but my own.
Will I ever accept myself, and let my heart come home?
Or rather is it buried, in the casket with my son
Nevermore to see the light of day, until time is done

My future is indeed uncertain
But I am trying to chart a course
To where I want to be,
Be patient, be gentle and take some time
What is to be will be

Jeffrey G. Allen


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