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A Gift For Dusty

In the middle of the ocean it stands fumbling with a seeing hand out in the dark.

It captures a cloud but it slips through its beaming fingers and disappears into nothing again.

It seizes a wave but its glowing top is light itself and fades away to its own darkness.

Through a ship it goes and seems to sink it but its sailing on to it its own destiny.

The moon despites the weak grip out in this emptyness and the stars do not see them.

Only the earth is a mild chest for this lonely, fumbling hand, it let its light on its rough skin and acts like a huge heavy woman that doesn't turn down a desperate caress.

Background by Per Jorgen Poem by Alf Larson Note: This background and peom were a gift to me from my friend Pj. ~Hugs Pj~ Thank you. I love it.

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